My name is Siegfried Steiner; born in Hannover (Germany) I spent some years as a teenager in Zimbabwe. I studied computer science in Munich where I now live.

Currently I am working for msg systems’ Applied Technology Research unit as Lead IT Consultant. Here I am focussing on Application Architecture, the Java Technology Stack and trainings such as Spring-Boot, iSAQB and JEE.

Besides this I run open source projects on REFCODES.ORG or have attended the Coding Serbia conference 2014 as a speaker (“Big data processing the lean way - a case study”).

In the past I have been setting up the strategy and the foundation for Microservice based development projects on behalf of an online bank. I have been responsible for the product development dedicated to big data processing and cloud computing in the area of e-commerce. Previous engagements also addressed issues such as mobile computing, scalability or peer-to-peer.

For about 17 years now I have been working as a computer scientist, I use Java in many development projects for about the same time and often agonize over the way we have built software in the past and the way we should build software in the future.

The REFCODES.ORG codes represent a group of artifacts consolidating parts of my work in the past years. Several topics are covered which I consider useful for you, programmers, developers and software engineers.


It’s free to use: The REFCODES.ORG group of artifacts is published under some open source licenses; covered by the refcodes-licensing (org.refcodes group) artifact - evident in each artifact in question as of the pom.xml dependency included in such artifact. It’s dual licensing:

Please contact the copyright holding author(s) of the software artifacts in question for licensing issues not being covered by the above listed licenses, also regarding commercial licensing models or regarding the compatibility with other open source licenses.

Looking for useful, ready to use and educational source codes?

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